nedelja, 15. oktober 2017

Back to nature

Today was nice perfect day.was going on a trip with my car.First stop i make by a nice big lake.Nature around is peaceful and quiet.I close my eyes and think about life.Thinking is what people makes strong and smarth.Except politics where living lies.😜.My 5 minutes thingin begin and comes 1 man and says muss pay parking 😏.I was sad.Its all what must we paying.Not nature is more for us.Politics dont care,they have money.And when are you rich its just a little money.Pigs whant there money.I start my car and thinking they can put this lake in ass.Where are people not gread there is living great.Politics says this you must that,there.Politics dont give a fuck how we live what you do where you do as long you pays them money.If think you muss bee a lier and a bad person and ignor.Than you living without stress.But human(except politics)are good heart.😎

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