torek, 07. november 2017

Deal with stress

Its around you and make you worries and your stomach is figting.Ass we know stress.Every day its a fight.If you have beautiful life you dont know what is this.thats a lie!Every human have fealing once in live a symptom of a stress.I have recepies how to say goodbye stress.First think what you must to do is make a compromise.Your live or something else.There something else think abouta a disease thats make a stress.Second you must free your mind.Free from all technologies,other decisions and most important you musst be always happy in your heart.Find a middle thats make you happy.If is a sport,playing games,walking in nature.Do just that whats make you happy.nothing else.Other things are not important and can wait.If is in you work stress than find somebody to talk.thel him your problems.Free your mind in work and what you must do.If doesnt make you happy work than find another work.Always remember that stress is a sicknes and can make you a cancer or worse.I personal love my work and dont care what tell people about me.i say fuck them.You dont need a rules or money to be a happy.Just listen your mind,soul because they are your best medicine.They tell you what arw your neends

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